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Based on the iconic novel by Miguel de Cervantes, The Dones Quixote slot machine is a 5-volume, 25-adjustable payline game of Playtech slot machines. It follows an eccentric hidalgo adventure and aims to correct errors in the world and restore chivalry and justice La mancha.

The reels in Don Quixote’s Fortune Slot Machine feature all the iconic characters and objects in his book, decorated with the knight himself, his faithful squire Sancho Panza, the hearty Dulcina and various windmills, helmets And complete the classic theme shield. With huge windmills bombarding the central space, players will automatically profit from more winning paylines, but as the additional multipliers during the free spin period take effect, their rewards will increase further. Starting from 2 times your bonus, this multiplier increases every two spins, allowing you to enter the frame to further earn the bonus – the last two spins of the round have a multiplier of up to 6 times.