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The story of King Leonidas has a history of thousands of years. Recently, this story was immortalized on screen in the action epic "300" starring Gerard Butler.

In the story, a small force of 300 Spartans led by King Leonidas prevented the invasion of 10,000 Persians. The Spartans fell in the flames of glory, but the legend still exists. The Spartan story also exists in a series of online slot machines. Habanero's Sparta slot game offers free games and progressive jackpots. At the same time, Red Tiger Gaming's Wild Spartans has a cool lock-in wild function, and the powerful Titan can enhance this function. The difference in this Sparta slot review is that there are two sets of reels. In the basic game, the player uses two sets of reels. However, when King Leonidas appears on the first reel group, he will move to the corresponding position on the second reel group. The wild symbol replaces all regular symbols in the game. If you like slot machines with passing wild symbols, you can definitely benefit from this game.