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Laura is indeed an extraordinary game with great immersion, and its beauty is understandable. The slot game revolves around Laura's adventure into a deserted island in search of ancient artifacts. Of course, on the way, she encountered a dangerous indigenous tribe who regarded this ancient artifact as an idol, and they will do their best to prevent you from touching them. Ancient artifacts appear in the form of golden masks. Some rumors surrounding it are that users wearing masks can indeed draw magic power from masks, but their true potential has not yet been discovered.

The Wild Blood 2 online slot machine takes place on a 6x4 reel with 4,096 ways to win prizes. Starting from the leftmost turntable, drop 3 or more matching symbols on the successive turntables to win the combination. All Play'n GO slot games have an auto-play function, where you can customize your experience. You can select up to 100 auto spins and set individual win limits as well as win and total loss limits. Autoplay can stop when any winning combination or you trigger the "Bloodthirsty Free Spins" function.