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The designer placed the scroll in the dead corner of the screen, surrounded by fruity flavors. Even the logo is surrounded by fruits, just like a scroll filled with healthy food.

There are eight different icons, which are impressive for the three wheel slots. These include cherries, melons, oranges, limes, bells, gold bars, grapes, and colorful No. 7 graphics. In addition to the fruit salad mix, you will also encounter free spins, wilderness, and bonus round situations to greatly improve your balance. Provide the cumulative amount of the jackpot, and the balance will increase to the upper left of the reel. The progressive jackpot is a link jackpot, so when you play this slot game, other people play other Logispin games, such as The Don, Pirate Island and Vegas' One Night. The jackpot will continue to grow until you win it. However, you need to place the maximum bet to get the jackpot.